I did it. I put together a collection of Conway’s laugh.

I didn’t want to wait for Conway day sorry

I’m still shaking because of today’s HxH.





Some higher quality pics from the new promo on the Nick website. “Mazes and Mutants” is going to give me so much second-hand embarrassment, I just know it.

These boys are seriously adorkable.


Wizard Donnie gives me life

I am Gan-Tello. You shell not pass.


So apparently freaking Hunter x Hunter is finally coming back after it’s two years hiatus, but now the fandom is kinda dead except for some people in it who are watching the 2011 anime. ANYWAY, since the next chapter in the next 2 months (June), and this will be a great period of time for the fandom to get revived. I decided that the fandom should use a graphic tag like some other fandoms do (e.g: one piece) and this tag will include graphics made by the fandom’s talented graphics makers and artists. and btw some people are using the tag currently so yeah let me explain the tag:

What is #hxhgraphics?

  • A special tag for graphic makers to use for all their Hunter x Hunter edits
  • Things to tag with #hxhgraphics; [gifs, graphics, edited manga caps, your own art, etc.]
  • Things NOT to tag with #hxhgraphics[text posts, personal posts, reposted edits, reposted fanarts, rps, audio posts, etc.]

How does #hxhgraphics work?

Why should I use #hxhgraphics?

  • It will make finding and reblogging Hunter x Hunter graphics much easier
  • It will also help fans discover new gif/graphic makers and meet fellow Hunter x Hunter fans
  • It will help filling you queue faster or something.

Start tracking this tag to keep up with the fandom’s graphics. Please help promote #hxhgraphics by reblogging this post! Even if you’re not part of the fandom’s graphic makers please share this!

Note: try to not get confused! It’s “#hxhgraphics” not “#hxhgraphic”!


Basically the entire Adventure Time fandom right now…



shoutout to the people who hate my OTPs and still follow me 

I hope this time Togashi will give Leorio the attention he deserves. I LOVE Gon and Killua, but when I think about HxH, I think about 4 friends, not only about Gon and Kil. Even Pika babe had some attention, his story was shown up, we had the chance to see him fighting at his best, but what about Leorio? He never gets the chance to show how strong he truly is, he is SO underrated I can't



Leorio deserves all the awards and the arcs. He is the heart of the family. If he’s there, the mood instantly lightens. He’s simply a miracle to the HXH world. He’s got the nicest heartbeat out of everyone. He’s the breath of fresh air after all the intensity. He’s super kind, nice and out of all the main four, he’s the only one whose goal is to help OTHERS. He’s definitely my Paladiknight and shining armor.

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